Dr. Rick Marschall ND


CardioVision is the latest advancement in the screening for cardio-vascular disease.  During the measurement of blood pressure, an oscillograph records tiny changes in the pulse wave.  The computer program then calculates the arterial stiffness index (ASI).  The ASI is 90% accurate for predicting the risk of heart attack or stroke.  CardioVision(tm) is the only test that satisfies the  FDA’s three major criteria for a screen; that is, it must be 90% accurate, it must be affordable, and it must be non-invasive.  

Why wait until you have a heart attack or stroke to find out if you are at risk?  Using CardioVision, Dr. Marschall can diagnose cardiovascular risk years before an actual life-threatening event occurs.  Then if you find you're at risk, you can receive artery chelation therapy to restore health to your arteries and ensure a healthy future.

CardioVision screenings are now covered by most major insurance plans.  Call your insurer today to verify coverage, and then call the clinic to schedule.  

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