Dr. Rick Marschall ND
Naturopathic Pediatrics

There is nothing more sacred than providing for the health of your children.  Keeping children healthy is pretty much the same as adults.  The human body is meant to keep a balance of health when proper nutrition and health is provided to it.  Nothing is more devastating to parents as when their children become ill and simple common sense home cures do not take care of the disease.  Most challenges with children under age 8 are related to their bodies developing strong immune systems.  The Naturopathic physician will help parents bring into balance the body with supplements, herbs and treatments that do not compromise the immune system.

One of the main challenges that parents have to face nowadays is the constant tendency for allopathic medical doctors to treat their children with antibiotics.  The Center for disease control is even concerned about this and did an education campaign trying to educate parents to the harmful affects of this “habit” or treatment for viruses which is common in America today.  Your children for the most part do not need antibiotics and if they do they need to have their intestinal tracts re-inoculated with proper probiotics that will help their immune systems build up their strength and the flora in their bowels return to normal stasis.  When antibiotics are given for simple colds and flu’s this frequently is the beginning of a long childhood of consistent colds, flus, coughs and general ill health that can often lead to allergies and worse.

I love  treating children and have experience with raising 4 children of my own, all now young adults in their twenties.  Naturopathic physicians do not believe in vaccinations, except for tetanus.  None of my own 4 children have been vaccinated.  They have never received any antibiotics for your average colds or sore throats.  They would once a year get a cold or cough but this was never all of them and never every year.  These “illnesses” are not part of a healthy family.  Healthy bodies do not get ill. 

When young children go to school including pre-schools will become more exposed to more illnesses and if their immune systems are not strong they will most likely be prey for disease.  Our own children were homeschooled until ages 10-12 and they did not have consistent exposure to a wide range of disease that would wear down their own immune systems.  In that sense we were lucky.  Our children remained for the most part healthy.  An unhealthy child was a rarity.

When I see and treat children I want to leave them with an experience that is empowering to them and fun.  I use puppets to model to them what I will be doing and then ask them if the puppet can help me with asking them questions.  It can be quite fun.  Going to the Dr. should not be a traumatic experience.

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